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Minimum Requirements for Health Insurance Coverage at Rutgers

All F-1s and J-1s on Rutgers' visa sponsorship and their F-2/J-2 visa dependents are required to have health insurance that provides at least the following level of coverage:


The alternate coverage is currently active and the student agrees to maintain the health insurance coverage throughout the current semester.

The plan offers an annual minimum of $500,000.00 in coverage per accident or illness.

The plan must include a minimum of $7,500.00 for repatriation of remains and $10,000.00 for medical evacuation.

Plan deductible does not exceed $500 per accident or illness per policy year.

Plan covers inpatient and outpatient medical care within commuting distance of the Rutgers University campus area. Coverage that is only for emergency room care is not acceptable.

Plan covers pre-existing conditions.

Plan covers a minimum of $1,000.00 for prescription drugs per policy year.

The plan has a maximum out of pocket limit of no more than $5,000.00 per policy year.

The plan is provided by a company licensed to do business in the US with a US claims payment office and a US phone number.

Plan must pay medical providers directly for inpatient and outpatient care (must not be a reimbursement plan)

The underwriting company must have a rating of either "A" or above by A.M. Best, "A-1" or above by Insurance Solvency International Ltd., "A -" or above by Standard & Poor's Claims-paying Ability, "B +" or above by Weiss Research, Inc.








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